December 1, 2023

Connecting Art and Creativity for Healing

Art and Creativity For Healing

Art and creativity, whether painting, drawing or even playing music, are ways of healing that connect your inner self with life’s experiences. It doesn’t matter if you are not talented at it; even just looking at it can have profound effects.

Scientific studies show that creative pursuits like art and dance can help alleviate anxiety, depression and even more serious diseases like cancer.

Emotional Release

The emotional release experienced through artistic creative activities has been documented in a number of studies to be health-enhancing. [9] Our experiences offer a safe and supportive environment to connect with your emotions as you move them through your body, mind and soul.

Some people with trauma struggle to access their emotional creative space. They may live with unmetabolized pain and never experience healing.

Emotional freedom comes from letting go of negative emotions and experiences that are no longer serving you. Emotional release can be triggered by many different activities, including exercise, yoga, TRE, a good cry, or even a walk in nature.

We have designed our art and creativity experiences to help you release those difficult feelings in a healthy and positive way. Creating art and being in touch with your emotional experience helps you to find meaning and understanding of your experience and feelings, and allows you to channel those emotions into the creative process of making or performing.

Stress Reduction

Drawing, painting and other forms of art are known to be great methods for stress reduction. It’s probably no surprise to learn that children often turn to this form of creativity as a way to relax and feel joyous, but it can also be beneficial for adults. In fact, there is an entire field called Art Therapy that is devoted to the connection between artistic expression and health and wellness.

Creating art takes your mind off of the stresses of life and can actually reduce cortisol levels, which is good news for those who suffer from chronic stress. A recent study found that 75% of participants experienced lowered cortisol levels after engaging in 45 minutes of art. Interestingly, the level of skill or experience in art making did not impact the amount of stress reduction.

Unlike physical exercise or meditation that work the body, the act of creative expression works the brain and can help people feel calmer and more focused. This can be particularly beneficial for those who struggle with a debilitating mental illness like depression, or those suffering from a chronic disease that causes them to experience significant amounts of stress.


For people struggling with depression or anxiety, creativity can be a way to connect with the world and feel in control. It can also help them reframe their negative thoughts into more helpful ones.

Low self-esteem can have a profound effect on your life, relationships and health. While there are many environmental factors that contribute to it, your inner voice has a big impact. It’s important to recognize when negative self-beliefs are not based in fact or reality and to actively counter them with positive thoughts.

When someone has high self-esteem, they tend to be better able to handle setbacks and failure. For example, if a student fails a test they are likely to blame themselves or say things like, “I’m just stupid.” A person with healthy self-esteem will more likely take the time to look at the bigger picture and problem-solve. They may even take the opportunity to learn from their mistakes.


The process of creating art encourages deep introspection and facilitates self-discovery. Through the act of painting, drawing, or even sculpting, individuals explore their emotions and thoughts in a safe space without judgment. The symbolic nature of the images that emerge allows for a deeper understanding of oneself as they reflect subconscious feelings and desires.

The journey of self-discovery is a powerful one that can bring to light many of the wounds and scars that have been carried since childhood. As such, it can be uncomfortable and challenging at times, as it may call upon us to confront parts of ourselves that we may not like.

However, embracing the healing potential of creative expression can aid in building resilience against stress and adversity, improving relationships, developing a sense of purpose, and overall enhancing well-being. The key is in finding an approach that feels right for you and your unique situation, such as engaging with the arts through music, visual arts, or movement-based creativity.

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