February 21, 2024

Connecting People with Speech and Hearing Disabilities through IP Relay

What is IP Relay?

IP relay is a free service for people with speech and hearing disabilities. It allows you to make calls and use other services like directory assistance & emergency services using your computer or mobile Web-enabled device.

You dial a phone number that links you to a relay operator (CA). The CA places your call. 블랙 tv 실시간

What is IP Relay?

IP relay is a type of Telecommunications Relay Service (TRS) that allows people who are deaf or hard of hearing to use a computer or Web-enabled device to connect with callers using voice. Similar to TTY or telephone relay services, the caller contacts a communication assistant (CA), who converts the voice into text that is displayed on the user’s PC or Web-enabled device.

Once registered, an IP relay user can receive calls from any wireline phone number including their registered wireline E911 emergency call center number. When calling 911 using IP relay, it is important to provide your name, location and any other relevant information so that the emergency can be dispatched quickly.

Additionally, users can also sign up for Federal IP Relay which is available to actively-working federal employees with a qualifying disability. Federal IP Relay is a free service for qualified individuals. 해외 축구 중계 네네 티비

How do I use IP Relay?

IP Relay is a service that allows people who are deaf, deafened, hard of hearing or have speech disabilities to use telephones by connecting to an operator who functions as a relay between the caller and the person they want to reach. IP Relay requires a computer or web-enabled device with Internet access.

The user types their end of the conversation on their device and a communication assistant (CA) reads it to the person they’re calling. Then the CA listens to the person they’re calling and relays their responses back to the user as text — which can look like instant messaging.

If you need to make an emergency call, press the 911 button within the Allstream app or log into the website. The 911 operator will ask for your registered wireline phone number. You must keep your location information updated so that emergency calls connect to the right area dispatch. This helps reduce fraudulent calls that can waste your time and resources and potentially put your life in danger. 이피엘 중계

What are the benefits of IP Relay?

IP Relay allows users to make and receive calls using a PC, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone with an Internet connection. Callers use a keypad or keyboard to type messages, which the operator relays and voices for the caller.

Many people with hearing loss also have speech disabilities, and for them, IP Relay may be easier to use than traditional TTYs. Unlike TTYs, IP Relay users can choose from several providers. This competition often results in enhanced service features and quality.

In addition, compared to TTYs, IP Relay uses a larger display area to show both the caller’s and relay operator’s messages. Moreover, users can select a font and size of their choice.

The Commission’s proposal does not create new reporting or recordkeeping requirements for TRS providers, and it would not change existing compensation rules for the service. Rather, the Commission seeks comment on whether a methodology for recovering overhead costs should be established.

What are the limitations of IP Relay?

While IP relay offers a lot of conveniences, there are some limitations. Because callers do not have to identify themselves to a communications assistant, it is easy for anyone to use the service for fraudulent purposes such as prank calls or scams. These pranks and scams cost millions to the American people yearly and create long hold times that inconvenience legitimate relay users.

Unlike TTY, which uses a traditional telephone line to connect with a TRS center, a person using IP Relay connects to an operator through the Internet on a computer or mobile Web-enabled device. The operator then connects the user to the voice party. The user types the message, and the communications assistant reads it to the voice party. The other way around is also true, as the voice party can type a response and the relay user will then read it to them.

To place a voice call through IP Relay, the hearing caller dials the toll free number provided by your service provider and provides the relay operator with your 9 digit IP Relay number. When you receive a call through IP Relay, the calling party will see your registered wireline phone number displayed on their caller ID screen.

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