December 1, 2023

Expanding Japanese Bidet Seat Maker Enters US Market

Sports Toto Distributor Expands in the United States

Sports Toto, the Japanese maker of bidet toilet seats, is aiming to expand its dealer-run showrooms in the United States. The company believes the American market is a reliable growth engine.

Toto’s hi-tech Washlet loos are an acquired taste, though. Many people resist the idea of a remote-controlled wand shooting water on their privates. 스포츠 토토 총판

Lottery games

There are a few different ways to play lottery games. You can choose the number of tickets you want to buy, and you can also choose how much money you wish to win. Some people like to buy fewer tickets, while others think it’s best to invest more in each ticket.

In addition to standard 4D entries, Sports Toto offers i-Perm (which stands for Insurance Permutation). This allows you to place bets on all variations of the same four-digit number. This type of bet costs RM1.

Sports Toto is an investment holding company that operates the Toto betting business. It also leases online lottery equipment and provides software support. The company was founded in 1969 and is headquartered in Malaysia. Its other business includes property investment and development, motor retailing and aftersales services, and the manufacture and distribution of computerized lottery and voting systems. 스포츠 총판 모집


Sports Toto is a popular lottery game in Malaysia that allows players to choose their own four-digit number and bet on it. The payouts are based on the odds of winning, and the more numbers you match, the higher your chances of winning. The game has many variations, including Power Toto 6/55, Supreme Toto 6/58, and Star Toto 6/50.

PIB Research said that for the six months ended Dec 31, gaming revenue for Sports Toto appeared to have recovered to approximately 90% of pre-lockdown levels. It added that the mandated closure of outlets in Kedah will have a minimal impact on earnings.

However, RHB Research said that the current quarter would be challenging for Sports Toto’s UK luxury car dealer subsidiary HR Owen plc due to softer demand and unfavourable foreign exchange rates.


KUALA LUMPUR (Dec 6): Putrajaya’s reduction of special draws should have minimal impact on Sports Toto’s earnings, as such draws typically have lower sales due to their non-routine nature. Furthermore, a portion of these sales cannibalizes normal draw sales, which have a higher margin.

The company’s management is cautiously optimistic that the group will perform satisfactorily for the remaining quarter of this financial year, despite rising costs weighing down domestic consumer spending. They also expect per draw sales to improve further.

Sports Toto is Malaysia’s largest operator of 4D games, with a total of 680 outlets nationwide. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Berjaya Group. Its business includes the operation of Toto betting and motor vehicle dealership, the development and distribution of computerized wagering and voting systems, and software licenses and support.


The world of sports betting can be a thrilling ride, but it’s also a labyrinth of legalities and safety measures that can make your head spin faster than a roulette wheel. That’s why it’s important to do your research and play by the rules.

This includes verifying the identity of the site, checking its security measures, and reading its privacy policies. These aren’t just bells and whistles – they’re essential for protecting your privacy and keeping your information secure.

Nerine Tan, the general manager of Sports Toto Malaysia Sdn Bhd, said those who purchase forecast numbers illegally are supporting criminal activities and also affecting the state’s revenue from sales tax on lottery tickets. The Sarawak government obtains a 10 per cent sales tax from each RM1 ticket, which amounts to millions of ringgit every year.


Despite the recent regulatory changes, Sports Toto still remains one of the most popular lottery games in Malaysia. The company’s products have been a success due to its high-quality software and innovative offerings. It also has a solid business model with the ability to compete with the top lotteries in the world.

In addition, the company provides a variety of other services such as the leasing and manufacture of computerized on-line lottery systems. It also offers a comprehensive suite of IT services for its business partners. This is in line with the Company’s commitment to be a leading IT provider. The company also has a strong focus on research and development. This is reflected in its impressive patents and award-winning technology. IT Client Prospector provides intelligence on Sports Toto’s likely spend across technology areas enabling you to understand the digital strategy.

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